Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pictures at 2 1/2 Weeks. Not Guinea Pigs!

These are the boys:

First is Rascal Racoon (I only named one)


The Rascal Racoon
This is our little runt boy. He is so tired and mellow. We shouldn't had played so much before pictures. I'll remember that before the next batch of photographs. This one is changing to be a tri-colored-blue and had beautiful matching mask and no other big spots. 

This big boy's name is Sam and he has a great mask as well! He may have a little bit blue? but he's a Red with and still not sure yet of Tri-colored points. He has lots of spots of red on his legs. I turned him over and he didn't even try to get-up. I think they thought I was torturing them with my flashing camera.


Sam again -- he's sure not changing his expression, funny puppies!

Sam. Honest, he wouldn't move. Made me laugh. Oh my goodness. Sigh. 

I think Sam has a spot at the beginning of the tail.

The Girls are below: What a bunch! These three have just such different personalities! 

I don't know where to start. Ink Spot? Yes that's her name because she looks like ink spilled on her head.

She's going to be a tri-colored blue. 
Not in a good mood today; she cried, yawned, and never mind... all the girls hated the pictures. That'll change when a week or two goes by they'll run at the camera. Me first selfies! 

Ink spot:



This is cute!

Through with the flash.

Okay, now here's Jigsaw. I know she was named by my grandson. He said the day she was born that a puppie had a loose brown puzzle-piece on her head.

Oh my, Attitude

Jig Saw seems to have blue near her tail and under her neck. Truly unique markings!

The spot on her back. I like to think it's a heart.

This little girl above has a spot lower than the other red girl. She's so girl! I named her Bonnie, a wee, little, girlie puppy.

Ha ha! She can't walk on leaves.

I turned her around to show her spots.

Miscellaneous pictures... Guess who they are? I'm sleepy.

I will post more when the puppies have gotten a little bigger and show more personality. We moved our baby goat from the kennel. The puppies have been in our barn and never moved much except in my house. Southern California has way too hot and humid weather and we knew they needed outside under the big shade tree.

We did a lot of shuffling with our ram out of our yearling goat pen and back with his ewes. He was so happy, he went-in giggling. Maybe we'll have some lambs early this year. Yikes! December?

After getting the kennel pen shiny clean, my Steve set the kennel-up so cozy. It seems a lot cooler this evening, but the puppies and Darby are right under our window. They are curled all up together. Tomorrow will be the big day of exploring.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Oh What to Write! We have Puppies!

More info to come on Friday. There's five and only two blue-maybe three? No docking this time. My husband loves their tails. The flag he sees when they are running through the tall dry grass. They were born July 13th. Camera is ready and we finally have some green grass. There's a thunder storm coming in today. I know, rare for here in Ventura County, right? Come back on Friday!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The Puppies Are All Sold, Again

I know they're adorable and cute. I know that when any person comes to see them, they instantly find "the one." I also know that the family that has a Heeler puppy is "in-for" raising a baby that is full of energy, a pup that chews-up crazy stuff, and makes a lot of mistakes. But the look they give you is filled with innocence, "Whad' I do?" Instantly, we're over it. We try to teach them, but they are sometimes so super-hyper A.D.D. Steve and I have to go get them and make them see things like: Don't go in the horses' pens, the sheep, the goats, the pigs, and especially the cattle pens. (We don't have any steers or heifers right now)

They need to learn to be invited, especially with cattle. Our horses don't have that great peripheral vision that a lovely heifer is blessed to have in those big, soft eyes. The horses will eventually kick if anything bites them long enough. Our four-year-old, red-headed, grandson Jaxon, crawled-in with our mare and was biting her pastern (YES, he did!) because she had kicked their Queensland Heeler, Dixie, (Darby's sister) Banner just stood there and took it and I'm grateful this horse knew the difference between a little child and a new grouchy dog. Dixie the Heeler, was in her "protecting-mode because Jaxon was near a "big creature." I'm not sure she'd ever seen a horse out in Arizona.

Mercedes is Sold

Jetta is Sold

Rover and Austin are Sold

Chevy is Sold

We will have puppies again. I don't have a clue when this will be. Please check back with us. The puppies are apart of our family and some of the best memories for our grandchildren. Darby is going to be retired to the porch. Thank you dear families the have received our puppies. It's really hard to let them go. When the puppies are completely gone and I see their play kennel. I really do cry.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Now Darby Has Puppies 5 Weeks Old And This Is It!

Darby and Duelly
Our photographer took so many pictures of the puppies I wanted to go in and take a nap when it was over. He started in the middle of the day and stayed until the sun went behind the hills up the canyon, here. This time the puppies were born a wee bit early, maybe because Darby was so excited to see our daughter, Kiely when she came to visit us on January 2nd. Darby had her puppies that next night.
Darby and Kiely were inseparable from the time she was a senior in high school and junior college. Darby knows her best buddy in the world and it had been a long time since Kiely had made the trip back here from Wyoming. I think this was maybe the first time Darby was nose to nose with Kiely's toddler Dune, our granddaughter. We (my husband and I) thought she might be a little jealous of Dune... but not a bit. Darby took to her as she did to Kiely and was trying to groom the little one. It was precious to see her love for Kiely's little pup, Dune. 
The labor was long as usual and went until the next day. Darby does have lots of breaks between newborns and that is a blessing that they don't deliver all at once. Because of early beginning these puppies won't be ready to leave until at least seven weeks old. They just started eating soft, soft food and now drink water.
These are the pictures I picked today. I was wrong on my count of how many photos were taken a couple days ago. I scroll through the pictures over and over. I know the puppies but my place in the roll of pictures...I just lost my place so many times. The little girl known as Mercedes was the first to have pictures, so I'll start with the girls first. Remember that the photographs are of really young puppies I'll put more up next week.




  This next puppy is a red merle girl with patches and we had her tail docked.
This girl is named Jetta.
Now for the boys, we have two blue merle with darker patches and one red male that was the little runt. He doesn't act anything like I thought he would. He's everywhere and bouncing and playing with them all. His name is Chevy and I'll post his pictures last he was so sleepy after tearing around the yard. Freedom!
The next two are Rover and then Austin. The two husky-round guys!

Austin's tail doesn't have a spot on it and he has no dark-spot on his forehead near the ever- present small, white "Bentley Mark" That mark becomes more apparent as they grow older. The blue merles are tri-colored with dark points and red. Austin has a dark dot on his forehead and has an inkblot on his hindquarters and part of his tail. These three boys are buddies, Chevy explores  a bit more and loves to hang-out at people. They have such different personalities. My granddaughters have given him so much attention!What a red dog?"
 This is Chevy


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