Tuesday, January 27, 2015

We Have Two New Litters Of Puppies! Five Girls Are Ready For A Family and Five More Almost Ready!

I'm not sure where to begin this post. I knew for sure that Laney and Duelly bred. My grandchildren begged for one last time. I was told by the vet that Darby wouldn't be having anymore puppies. She was though and obviously has no signs of a heat and breeding. She was as grouchy to Duelly as she ever was. I think part of that is her babies, Laney and PeeWee are harassed by Duelly and the mother never quits being a mother or in the "pecking-order" for what dog does the sheep and goats work and which dogs stands and watches.

These puppies are from Laney and Duelly $350.00 and if you want to contact my daughter about the puppies her at stevenmarnie@gmail.com

The Puppies
This is Lottie and She's A Little One
Racer and She Plays Baseball
Her Name is Snow White and She Was Snow White
When She Was First Born

This Little Fluff-Ball Is Tinker and A Little Shy. She Loves
Being Held and Oh, "Dog Lips!"

She Is Not The Runt. Her Ears Are Up and Probably The First-out!
Her Name is Kanda and What a Mask!
I know it's like I'm introducing Beauty Contestants! These puppies are cutie-pies for sure. Laney and Darby never fail to bless us with puppies that have personalities and great color. They will perform on command. (Not really..Marnie is rolling-her-eyes!) They're puppies and will cause a huge change in your life! I'm not kidding!

Here's our Darby's little cuties. They're so little and it was so hard taking their pictures in a strange place. Momma was right there too, but they wanted to snuggle so bad and I should have held them before I took the pictures. I got lot of kisses after holding all the puppies. I think they wanted to be swaddled-up like a burrito. We were witnessing "separation anxiety" from their bed.

I made it worse by snapping photos with bright lights in their faces. I used the extra flash to not get the reflection back. My phone camera would've done that.

The puppies are only under 31/2 weeks old and they look like Guinea Pigs. When they're first born they almost look like rats minus the whiskers and the naked-snake tail. We had to try and keep their heads-up during the pictures and they wanted to hug the carpet. As soon as I started taking pictures they started crying and whimpering. Darby would lick the one up for the photo-shoot and sit and back and watch. Seems I've been there before with Kindergarten portraits for my own children.

The first two pictures are the 2 girls with my grand daughters holding them and then with the 3 boys.

Girl Puppies

Boy Puppies

I'm posting them individually. Remember, they are really still little babies and the color is just coming-in and I think the lightest girl will be a red merle. I'm still not really sure and I've been surprised before.
Oh yeah....They are named after cars. When all your kids are grown and the grandkids are at their own house, I get to name the puppies! No permanent name. I need to know each one by name and not have to describe it every time "we" talk puppies.

Jetta's Docked Tail (only one w/o a tail)
Here's The Boys:
Please check-back in on our brood as they get crazy in the next few weeks. They are just now thinking about eating solid (sloppy) food. And in no-way want out of  the large, shavings, whelping box. I think they could get used to my house real quick. I love holding them, smelling them, playing with them and I know I'll cry as each one finds another family. More pictures to come!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Update For December

We happily know that we have a girl in gestation and will be delivering puppies around the third week in December. Oh, please; I hope I'm not repeating myself about this event.

The dogs are butter-balls and because today we have a'little chilly rain they want a treat. All of them. Laney and Darby both ran in the house. That just never happens. Darby was dancing all over! She knew a treat was coming. 

Laney here..is looking intently at my hand that's not taking the picture. She's waiting for me to accidentally drop her yummy stuff. I was giggling at her pathetic face, took a few pictures and dropped it in the middle. Lots of real blurry photos. 

This picture is the mother-to-be, Laney. She lives with her family next door. That would be my daughter, Marnie. Her email address is: 

Laney's puppies have looked so much like her and then also like her father all speckled blue with no tan points and tan freckled legs.

Laney does have a docked tail and we haven't a real prefence, but always dock the Red Heelers because they are mistaken for coyotes. All the pups have a newborn check right-away and their dew-claws removed.

I'm really looking forward to the FUN! Marnie has four children, but there are seven cousins close-by and these puppies are going to be loved a lot before finally finding their forever family.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

We Had Puppies! Now, Blue Bunyip is Sold

All The Puppies Are Sold

The big Bunyip is sold. I received my first inquiry that I noticed... at around 3:45 am and I'm pretty sure the email was send around three. The new family drove a long distance to arrive in Ventura County to check-Bunyip-out. It was a match and I'm so grateful for the terrific families that come to see me to purchase a Heeler. Thank you, all.

We've decided and it's for sure, Darby is going to be neutered. Not only does she need a rest, but I need to not have the feelings of stress of letting puppies leave us. I'm truly not made to be a breeder. I really become too attached. I see Darby kiss and love each puppy and look at me with a smile on her face that she's okay with letting each go and I should had eased-up, it all works out. And now I'm closing the (puppy) book.

I'm leaving this page up because I really believe my daughter's dog, Laney will have another litter before we neuter our absolutely awesome sire. He needs to think of bunnies and livestock. Duelly needs some people/training time without the intensity that males of this breed, carry. I'm glad we're still babysitting one red male for our friend who'll be picking him up Sept. 1st and in the mean-time we'll be having fun watching all the puppies roll around, jumping and playing. 


Please go to my "Off Wellman Way" and see what happened. We do have one puppy left. His name is Bunyip and he's a Blue Boy with a docked-tail. (I thought he'd be a red like his litter mates)

Here's a couple more pictures of him:

I'll take a few more pictures of him tomorrow and post them along with the others that are sold. If you're interested my gmail is: susankaylazenby@gmail.com. The puppy named Bunyip and is $350 and really to go. He's weaned and is 7 weeks old. I'll put up more puppies pictures very soon!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Here... Doodle, Doodle, Doodle, Doodle! Here... Doodle, Doodle, Doodle, Doodle!



The puppies! Doodle, Doodle, ...... Doodle. Has been the "Call of The Wild" since I was a little girl. My grandfather, Joe Wellman ordered puppies from NSW, Australia and they arrived at The Los Angeles Airport aboard an airplane. I'm not exactly sure how he was able to get them all home, but I'm seeing him in my grandmother's dark pink Chrysler station wagon and the matching horse trailer with white walled tires matching the big car, a bright white canvas top, and his huge gold Sheriff Deputy Sign on the back door. They painted it all to match Chico, grandpa's roping horse that was a strawberry roan and he looked pink!

Chico was George Putnam's (famous TV News Anchorman) colt and pranced through the Rose Parade a couple times and this fancy pink "Party Horse Trailer" that usually transported Chico was bringing home a number of homemade wooden boxes and puppies stashed everywhere. The first group over was 60 Kelpie puppies.

The puppies all lived right behind our house and not even 10 feet past our back door. The kennel wasn't finished and the puppies lived temporarily in a huge, high, chain-link fence especially made for wild, wild puppies. "Whatever you do, do not open that gate!" That came from my mother, dad, and oh yes, my grandfather who was paranoid about the dogs getting loose.

I had this great plan. I got some hamburger, probably about two pounds or so in a bucket. I let the puppies smell the meat all around the pen. I called them "Doodles." I ran around the pen over and over and I called them with this crazy name that was for all of them. What ever puppy got to me first, I gave them some meat. The knew right-away what was happening, right away. One or two females were pretty shy and I eventually got them to the fence and gave them some meat. Guess what I did next? I let them go.

Oh, of course they ran after me, "Doodle, Doodle...Doodle" and I got caught. The puppies caught me in five steps, but my grandfather showed-up. I honestly don't remember what he said, or how much trouble I was in. I do remember what I was wearing 52 years ago. I had on a white sleeveless blouse with big. pink, polka dots and black shorts that went almost to my knees and I was barefooted. And I got really dirty and scratched-up.

I suspect Grandpa Joe had my brothers, my mother, and father gathering-up puppies until after dark. I yelled from the top of the stair-landing, just call them Doodle, Doodle, Doodle and show them the bucket. I guess they rounded them up. I did hear them calling the puppies, made me all smug that they actually called them that way. The pen was a whole bunch messier in the morning and even though it wasn't my assignment to clean the pen, I had to do it that next morning. I had to learn not to feed puppies something they weren't used to eating and catching puppies is a lot harder than anyone can imagine.

Yesterday, all of that moment of meeting and wanting to play with new puppies...even Kelpies that were so cute went through my mind. Kelpies are wired! And here I had 6 vs. 60 puppies that didn't even care how much I called them 'Doodle-Doodle.' I can just feel my grandpa's anxiety as soon as the pups had jumped-out of the pen. I made every single crazy sound I could think of to make them look at me for pictures. I'll bet I looked like a crazy old person trying to make the puppies look at me. My camera ran out of power at the end and it was a good thing, they were hungry, it was getting dark, my husband was waiting to come inside, and I almost filled a scandisk of puppy pictures.

Most were pretty easy to get pictures. The "Blue" Lone Ranger didn't like the flash (it was shady) OR the little red light each time the camera focused. You know the kid, a child... in a group shot that always looks startled. Blue was my challenge! So he doesn't really look like a startled kid in real life, just in my photos.

Next, my other problem and honestly I can say he's been this way since he did the "army crawl" was "Flyer." That puppy never stopped, except near my husband, Steve's legs. I don't do well taking pictures of a dog doing figure-eights around blue, levi legs.

Here our the puppies and they're all sold and so our my daughter's dog, Laney's puppies:

This is Blue

Not Liking This

Startled? Heck, Yes!

Now, This is Flyer

Running? Duhr! He Really Flies, Beware

Caught Running And..it's Not Blurry. Amazing

Jake Is Right Here:

Sorry, I cut some ears off. Jumping is hard to follow


Next is, The Princess:

She Was Very Shy


The Firefighter's Blaze:

I think I'm missing a great football game. Go Seahawks! Am I bad or what? I like sports and my husband could care less. Go figure. I ask him about a game-any game and he doesn't have a clue. We did go to the football games when Kiely was the mascot and I don't even think we noticed if Santa Paula (our side) even won one game. I really should've named one of the puppies this great football season, "Hike," just for fun.

***I do have a lead on some very, very cute group of puppies up in Laramie, Wyoming. The puppies are out of Darby's sister, Dixie. My "other" daughter and family own Dixie and she had puppies too this year. They will be ready Feb. 1st and my daughter will be taking pictures for me to post here. So friends up north, she's got a couple reds and a couple blues that look just like mine. Cuties everyone!

Email my daughter if you're near her and want a puppy out of two great working Queensland Heelers. knappycrew@gmail.com  She'll send you pictures off her phone.